7 Captivating Tourist Spots that are Unforgettable!

A trip would never be perfect without the experience of visiting the most stunning places in the area. These places would be the best places to take wonderful photos or just have a fascinating experience with family and/or friends.


I have compiled here some captivating spots that you should really visit if ever you decide to come here in Jacksonville.


Jacksonville Beach

This is one of the city’s well-known attractions which offers gorgeous white sand and a spacious walking space. It’s open 24 hours to the public and you can do a lot of entertaining activities here such as, swimming, surfing or just have a quiet time enjoying the lovely view of the sunrise or sunset. Also, its 1000-foot fishing pier will give you the best views for your eyes to feast on.


Jacksonville’s Riverside District

This most-preserved historical spot offers an entertainment hub for tourists with a wide selection of boutique shops, trendy restaurants and eye-catching waterfront views.  It also offers vibrant art culture which can be an awe-inspiring experience especially to those who have artistic tastes.


Friendship Fountain

Numerous romantic moments have taken place here and some locals even say there are some mysterious powers in this spot. It was originally  designed by Jacksonville architect Taylor Hardwick in 1963 and opened in 1965. It has existed since then and by 2011, the city successfully renovated it into a more exquisite place to visit. The beauty of the fountain and the colorful display of lights make it rather eye-catching especially during evenings. Make sure you have a camera while visiting to capture it’s undeniable beauty.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The zoo occupies approximately 117 acres (47 ha) and has over 2,000 animals and 1,000 plants in its collection. Amazingly, this zoo is active in animal conservation, participating in more than 50 national and international conservation initiatives and more than 95 Species Survival Plans. What’s more fun than seeing various plants and animals that you have never seen up close? Admission rate is quite affordable for the whole family or for all your friends!

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

It’s an  art museum funded and operated as a “cultural resource” of the University of North Florida. It provides an inviting atmosphere to get a deeper understanding of contemporary art done by local artists. The colorful and powerful exhibitions will simply blow your mind and maybe you could also get inspiration during your lovely time here.

Jacksonville Landing

This is a great place for you to get some entertainment by taking a walk alongside the river, catch a boat ride, wide variety of dining options, and even do some casual shopping. It also is a host to more than 600 events a year which involves different type of occasions to your liking.

Everbank Field

The permanent home of the Jacksonville Jaguars which hosts the annual Florida-Georgia game. This place will give you the thrilling feeling of excitement as you watch football games unfold. With its cutting edge technology and features, fans surely get a sensational experience.

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