8 Awesome Tips for Moving Your Office


A commercial move can get chaotic f you don’t have anything planned out. Moving to new home is stressful and it can get worse if you’re moving you’re whole office to a new spot. If you decide on doing a commercial move, here are some helpful tips that you can use to keep your sanity throughout the whole process:

Plan in advanced. Make sure to plan your relocation at least six months in advanced. This gives time for you to inform your employees and your clients about the big move.

Hire professional movers. Commercial moves are quite tricky and you need to hire office movers that has sufficient experience in the field for an efficient and convenient experience. Make the necessary background check as well to make sure.

Make sure the moving company has insurance. You can check if they have insurance by logging on to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and search using the moving company’s license number.

Coordinate with the owner of the building. You need to talk with the building that you are moving out and moving into with regard to the schedule. Most buildings restrict moving during office hours so, you need to be clear about the time of the move before you do it.

office2Have a talk with your employees. You need to keep your employees updated about the move so, that they can plan ahead, too. You need to advise them of the schedule for they also need to pack their items and other personal belongings.  State laws vary in terms of the required amount of time in informing employees about the relocation.

Check the new space. Before you move, you need to check the new space personally to make sure that it’s in good condition. You don’t want to worry about terrible lighting when you move in so, check every light bulb.

Pack ahead of time. Packing a few days before the big move would just end up in a mess. Try to have at least a week to pack all the items and you might need the help of your employees to get this done. Every department can do their own packing and have it labeled.

Create a checklist. To make sure that not one equipment gets lost, have the heads of the departments do an inventory on all the items that need to be moved. This is important so that they could check each item on the list upon unpacking at the new office.

For more office moving tips, check out the video below:

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